The River Kingdoms comprise a loosely affiliated and even more loosely organized assortment of petty city-states and bandit realms united only by the common belief in the philosophy of doing as you please so long as nobody else stops you. This philosophy is summarized in the generally known folk creed called the Six River Freedoms.

  • Say What You Will, I Live Free: Talk is cheap, and everyone is entitled to speak their own words.
  • Oathbreakers Die: Liars are often severely punished. Those who swear an oath of fealty to a River Lord and break it can expect any number of painful and lethal possibilities. This freedom to kill oathbreakers is why River Kingdom gangs rarely require a sworn oath for an initiation. Tattoos or brands are more common signs of commitment to membership.
  • Walk on Any Road, Float on Any River: The freedom to travel is fundamental. No River Kingdom is allowed to bar traffic on a river or a road, save in time of active warfare. Even then, neutral parties are supposed to have freedom of movement.
  • Courts Are For Kings: This saying is simply a way of reminding visitors that the law here his malleable. Who you know and who your friends are are more important than what the law says.
  • Slavery is An Abomination: While the River Kingdoms frequently house criminals, none keep slaves. Slavers may visit freely, but taking or holding slaves in the River Kingdoms upsets those many people who were once slaves themselves.
  • You Have What You Hold: Property laws are weak in the River Kingdoms. If someone claims to own something, he can enforce that claim with his sword.